The Episcopal College Of Pentecostal Bishops & Apostles (ECOPBA) main objective is to develop legitimacy in the episcopacy and bring order with integrity to the Lord’s Church.

ECOPBA wants to equip this generation about the office of the Bishopric and the ministry of Apostleship in the Lord’s church. The college of Bishops is not selective and reaches any person irrespective of race, colour and nationality.



Bishops have three main responsibility:


TO TEACH. A bishop is the principal teacher in his church and has responsibility to preach the Word of God to his people. He must ensure that those delegated to teach in his name, namely Pastors, Teachers, Elders and others, teach the truth.


TO GOVERN. This refers to meeting the needs of the local church and community (social, material, personal and spiritual) as well as ensuring that the church laws are observed. He is ultimately responsible training and equipping the leaders in his local church. Bishops has right to make laws in their local churches, these laws generally related to worship, preaching, administration of the church and of sacraments, safeguarding the faith and moral of the faithful.


TO SANCTIFY. A bishop is responsible for ensuring that the sacraments are administered and has the special authority to ordain Pastors and to confirm.


We invite each of you to become diligent and faithful ambassadors of ECOPBA mission.

As the body of Christ unites to share the vision of this College of Bishops and Apostles to accomplish God’s will on the earth. It is the desire of ECOPBA to form member relationships with people of God that are led by the Spirit of God and inspired to do the work of the Kingdom.

To become a member of the ECOPBA you must fill in the application form through the office of the Diocese Archbishop and send it back to his office of the Diocese Archbishop. After that, the Candidate will be called for screening session with the Archbishop Board. And there is a R1000 for registration paid by the Candidate, and then it must be divided into two. First R500 it goes to the Diocese account and the other R500 go to National Account.

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